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This Korean Optical Illusionist Does Not Need Photoshop

We have seen a lot of digital optical illusion on the cyber space and they are just mind blowing. But it is even harder to pull off an optical illusion manually, with traditional art of painting without any sort of digital enhancement. Surprising a lot of people, this Korean illusion artist use her advanced artistry to perform illusions on human bodies including her own self to create a live optical illusion.

Meet the artist behind the curtain, Dain Yoon. She has been known on the internet for creating arts of illusion. Her art creates a totally different form of art on a very complex body part; the face. Yoon creates such sophisticated art that sometimes you might get lost in it to forget that the canvas for her art is a face.

This sort of art requires, precision, patience and also discipline your self both mentally and physically since the creation of the art requires the art as well as the performer’s accurate presentation. These artwork have been receiving all sorts of feedbacks all over the world. She sometimes would go out in the public with her art on. Cultures like the East-Asian cultures found it bizarre and scary while Western cultures welcomes her with excitement and wonder. We have listed below a collection of her optical illusion art for you. Please share your ideas with us in the comments sections as you rank your favourite art to the top.

More info & Photo courtesy: Dain Yoon | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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