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This Magical Fanal Forest In Madeira Is An Enchanting Sight

This article is about a very special and amazing place on Earth. This is Madeira Island which is the home to a very enchanting Fanal forest. These Fanal forests consist of ancient trees that are aged up to 500+ years old. You might feel as if you have stepped into some kind of fairy tale if you visit this Fanal forest.

Being a part of Laurisilva forest which is named as a UNESCO world heritage, this is an ancient forest that you will see on this planet rarely. Currently only located on the Azores, the Canary Islands, and Madeira; these Laurel forests are conserved as ecological treasures. It is said that these sorts of forests once covered a huge part of Southern Europe which are not present in modern times.

Traveler and photographer Albert Dros let us have a peek at this magical forest through his photography. This Island and this forest is known for enchanting hiking trails. On this hike, Dros captured these amazing photos that you may find below. The most magical time of the day is the morning, when the fog sets in, you will feel as if you are walking through a dream which is too good to be true.

It is not the same feeling as if you walk through any regular forest, these trees are over 5 centuries old! It is lucky that this forest within the Madeira Natural Park is protected by UNESCO. Enjoy the collection of photos that are taken by this amazing photographer and drop your thoughts on this article in the comments sections.

More info & Photo courtesy: Albert Dros | Facebook | Instagram


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