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This Nerdy Baker Does Some Amazing Work With Her Pies

Baking is an industry that we all know of. Even if you are at the baking end or at the end where you enjoy the baked goods, baking is just good. It is one of the most colorful and exhibitionist sections in the food industry and one that is loved by almost everyone in the world.

Among the different types of bakers and baking artists in the world, this article brings you a special baking-nerd and her amazing work. Meet Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin who is a very creative baker and is known for her special pies! You might think about the classic set of pies when you read the word. But these pies of Jessica have a specialty to them. She creates various types of amazing topping on each pie that will make the presentation awesome.

Most of the people would create a basic design on their pies while Jessica creates amazing art of pop culture, mostly cinema. She is a nerd herself, sinking into Books, Movies, TV series, Music, Video Games, and so on. All these beloved hobbies and things that bring her happiness in her life are repaid by getting featured on top of her pies.

She posts her amazingly aesthetic work on her Instagram account all the time. Her pies bring back memories of the entertainment world all the time. Since entertainment is a wide spectrum that everybody in the world loves, there is no one who hates her work. A lot of people enjoy her presentation online and people have been sharing Jessica’s proud work all over the internet.

So, we too have decided to list some of her awesome work, below for you. You can scroll through the list and enjoy this yummy art made by this talented artist. Let us know what you think about these in the comments section as you rank your favorites to the top.

More info & Photo courtesy: Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin