This Origami Paper Samurai Is Made With Next Level Artistry And Patience

Origami is a traditional Japanese art form of folding paper to make very beautiful but complex figures. It is a skill to master, how to make proper folds and fit it into the right place with patience to finish it. Origami is considered to be an activity that is a bit similar to meditation.

Meet Origami master  Juho Könkkölä, he has created an elaborate Origami art that has created a discussion within the online community for its beauty. Check out this amazing Origami Samurai!

More info & Photo courtesy:  Juho Könkkölä | Instagram | Facebook


This incredibly detailed piece is a done with real precision. The Samurai is made with full armor, a sword and traditional samurai helmet. These clothing and weapons has a lot of details and  Könkkölä have managed to capture a huge amount of it in his artwork. He has also created Samurai warriors before.

You might not believe it but this Samurai took around 3 months to be completed. Without the usage of any glue or taping, this artist built this figure only through folding and fitting. It takes an extremely high amount of preparation prior to the making of this and in origami, every fold should be precise and a paper won’t take any secondary folding if the first time doesn’t work.


We have shared some pictures of this amazing origami figure and a peek how the folding paper was prepared. Scroll down to check them out and also feel free to share your ideas with us in the comments section below.
















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