This Person Proves That Skirts And Heels Doesn't Have A Gend

Fashion has been a huge industry around the world since old ages. New trends and fashion lines surface every single day. From the early ages, the genders had clothes specifically made for them. It has been a fact since recent times, until the gender equality movement began. The genders started to become fluid, so the clothing became confused as to what gender they will be catering to.

Here is a incredible story of a robotic engineer, Mark Bryan. He aims to break barriers in clothing. Clothing was designed to cover the bodies and to add style. But Mark has taken it to a new level, he wants to fuse the clothing that have been kept apart for ages. He has been wearing Skirts almost every day and he is rocking it! He is supported by the family so he can take his message out to the world that fashion has no gender barriers to it. Check out the collection of outfits that Mark rocks and share your thoughts with us in the comments sections below!

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Written by Alex Bradley

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