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This Photobook Shines The Spotlight On Chickens To Let Them Have Their Shot At Modeling

Photoshoots and photobooks are usually made on cliche topics. When it comes to birds, a lot of photographers have been doing a lot of photoshoots on birds, but there is one type of bird that is not looked at aesthetically, and that is ‘Chicken’.

Even though chicken is a world-famous type of bird, it is famous only for the dishes that are made out of it. Chicken is not found in any aesthetically appreciating situation. They have been kept out of the scene for so long that people do not think of chicken out of the cuisine context.

Matteo Tranchellini and Moreno Monti are two photographers from Italy who had the issue of chicken not being considered a beautiful animal. So they took the initiative of shooting over 200 portraits on a collection of chickens counting over 100 in number. On completion, they put it together in order to create the Chic!ken photobook. 

They have got some of the best natural chicken posers in the world for their project. There are many names such as Silkie, Frizzle Bantam & Martha, who does very attractive poses for the camera. No animals were harmed or forced to capture these photo portraits.

To take another step further, these two Italian photographers have started out a  Kickstarter campaign which expanded from the photobook into posters, collectibles, chicken print journals, and also sexy adult calendars as well!

This duo has managed to give chickens their rightful place in the world of modeling after a very long time of them being underrated. This photobook grabbed the attention of a lot of people with its announcement on social media. But the pictures and the chickens were loved immediately. We have collected some of those beautiful portraits for you. You can scroll down and check them out. Please feel free to leave your comments down in the comments sections to share your thoughts with us.

More info & Photo courtesy: Chic!ken | Kickstarter


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