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This Photographer Did Her Own Makeup And Self Portraits

Photography is a very interesting trade to learn. Especially because you get to capture glimpses of moments, frozen in time. To do it, you should have at least a basically creative mind. It is all about the perspective and the expression that you want to present the say of something or someone and finding the technical ways to get it done.

This article is about one talented photographer from London. Meet Gemma, working out of Stratford, London in her studio, Gemma is very curious about all the different things in the world. Even though she mostly does weddings, casual photoshoots, and all the other regular types of photography through her studio, her heart always runs all around the globe.

Variety and diversity are two main things that make this world beautiful. Different people from different countries and cultures bring all sorts of cultural aspects with them. Gemma likes to capture these unique traits of human cultures which are spread all across the world.

With her love for capturing people, moments, and events in photos. She tried out something a bit different, out of her element. She did makeup to transform to different types of ethnic looks, looks of pop character, and more. Even though she did this with the help of a YouTube tutorial, she managed to pull off a successful set of art on her face. 

Throwing in her talent, she took some self-portraits, so then she will get to express herself about being wonderful while being different. She has received a lot of positive responses when she uploaded these to the internet. So, we thought of collecting some pictures and listing them for you. Scroll down to check them out and share what you think about it in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Camera Crazy


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