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This Russian Artist Uses Her Skilled Art To Gather Over 4.5 Million Instagram Followers

Social media is now the best place for artists and creators to market and showcase their talents to the world. It is also the fastest and the most popular way for the people to keep in track of their favorite artists every step they take.

With this huge influence that the artists have over the people on the internet, this Russian artist uses her art to portray her message in a very creative way. Her name is Ellen Sheidlin.  Known on her social media accounts as ‘Sheidlina’, she uses very unconventional art forms. She has been practicing molding, sculpting, painting and most sorts of art forms that she came across. But with being introduced to photography, she found a way to capture her artwork and form it into a medium that can be properly shared in the very way that she intended it to be seen. Making Instagram her gallery, she made photos that she takes part in making really uncommon sorts of art.

She intends her art to awaken specific feelings in people who view her photos on her account. She told Bored Panda in their original interview, that she mainly focuses on conveying the emotions of being bullied, self-acceptance, sorrow, body positivity and other prevailing social issues. Her message has been received by many people and as a result, her Instagram account has a following of more than 4.5 million followers. Learning the art of photography, to capture the art form she makes in the way she wants to show it to people allowed her to put her out to the world to see.

We decided to bring some pictures of this very famous and talented Russian artist. Scroll down to see some of her amazing work that receives the attention of millions of people. Comment down your ideas about this collection of art while you rank your pick to the top by upvoting.

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