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This Talented Culinary Artist Turns Avocados Into Masterpieces

Culinary art has not been alien to the people since the beginning of human civilization. From the caveman who burnt the hunted raw-meat in his fire, to the modern day master Chefs who performs amazing skill to prepare a dish of food, culinary art has been evolving with the human societies.

But without it being an art form just to make edibles taste better, people have been practicing art forms such as garnishing and carving to add visual beauty using food. This is such an instance of a very talented food carving chef who has specialized his skill in a specific medium. Meet Daniele Barresi, he is an award winning chef who has won both the 2013 & 2014  WACS championship. His carving skills are incredible and he was also invited to be a judge for 2015 in the championship he won for two years in a row.

This Italian carving artist has specialized and is known for his Avocado carvings. He spends hours and hours carving the green/yellow flesh of the Avocado into some very aesthetic carving with great enthusiasm. He told My Modern Met that he has always loved carving with every type of fruit that he was given, but Avocados are his thing now. This Italian carving chef is known on Instagram for his carving ability since he posts most of his work there. A lot of people follow his Instagram account to keep up with his wonderful news.

So, we decided to list some of his pictures down for you. Scroll down and enjoy this international level skill of Barresi. Do not forget to share your thoughts about it in the comments sections while you are enjoying the list below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Daniele Barresi | Instagram


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