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This Talented Swedish Tattoo Artist Is A Master In The Black & Gray Style

The modern fashion sense is far more complicated and varied. Clothes, accessories, toiletries, and also tattoos are a part of fashion with many other elements in the world of modern fashion. Even when we consider the tattooing culture, it is varied and complex with a number of styles & niches. 

With the number of styles and areas in tattooing, artists, after training their skill set to tattoo, master a style or a set of styles to master. Even though a tattoo artist should be an allrounder. Almost all artists have their favorite style that they have mastered and are known for famously. So, this is a story about such an artist from Sweden.

Meet mr.T Stucklife who is a very talented tattoo artist based in Stockholm. He masters in ‘Black and Gray, Realism’ style. This tattoo style uses hues of black ink. It also associates designs of Roman and Greek references. You can see a realistic design in this style of tattooing which has many illustrations of sculpture-like designs with smooth surfaces and edges.

This style of design was present in society from the times of the Greek and Roman Empires. They usually represent landmark events, accomplishments, or even rituals. But in modern society, they are worn as fashion elements on their bodies. mr.T Stucklife has applied his techniques perfectly on his Black and Gray work, they are so good that you might see these tattoos as if they are engraved on people’s skin.

With his popularity for his work among clients, and also on social media, we have collected some of his work below for you to check out. Scroll down to witness some of the beautiful art of mr.T Stucklife on client skin. You can upvote your favorites to the top by upvoting. We would love to receive your ideas and thoughts as comments.

More info & Photo courtesy: mr.T Stucklife | Facebook


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