This Pair Of Mom & Daughter Shares Ugly Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is the time to get jolly, have fun and spend some happy time with your family and loved ones. The festivities of the season have already begun and the fun is coming in your direction in every way you can imagine, except for the snow of course.

At this time of the year, people cultivate the tradition and practice of giving. This spreads positivity, love, and happiness among the community and it starts right at home. But they do it a bit differently over at Julia Mordaunt’s household. Bringing a bit of a contrast as well as loads of laughs, Julia’s mother and her sister carry on extraordinarily hilarious gifting to each other. These two fun-loving ladies exchange ugly and weird ornaments to be put up on the Christmas tree.

Although it looks funny, these two take the tradition very seriously and try to come up at the top by giving the ugliest ornament they can find. They then put it up on the tree and exchange the pictures to check out whose looks weirder.

This tradition made it on Twitter and these pictures manage to receive a lot of attention. It is funny and interesting that these sorts of ornaments wind up being hung on the Christmas-tree. But this didn’t have a uniform set of ornaments when it originated. This tradition of decorating a tree inside the house originated in Germany. Remaining green and decorated in the cold winter’s snow and weather displays our Christmas spirit and faith unchanged.

Anyways, this duo has changed the usual tradition of modern Christmas-tree decorations. We shared some of their weird ornaments that made it to the tree. Scroll down to check them out and let us know what’s the weirdest by upvoting on your choice. Do not forget to share your thoughts in the comments sections as well

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