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Uncommon Street-Photographer Eyes Artistic Coincidences

Life is full of coincidences. We do not know when, where, and how they will happen. But when they do, they take us by surprise by the instant artistry it creates. And after a few brief moments, it disappears back.

These are the moments this amazingly talented photographer is on the lookout for. Meet Jonathan Higbee who is on the hunt for amazing scenes on the street that are bought to life by the coincidences of ordinary people going about their lives. He is a highly observant person who is always ready to whip out the camera and capture these instances because they tend to last only for a few brief moments.

This photographer has taken part in various international competitions and has been a finalist as well. But the level of technical precision and artistry that he has is at a very high level. He does not only have to worry about photography, but he gets to work in a constantly changing environment in the streets. So he should have a very receptive and fast set of reactions that will get him the photos that he aims for. As an example, if a coincidence happens between two people on the street, it will only last for a few seconds since one or both of them are moving. So the photographer has to be fast and accurate.

We have listed a set of pictures that this talented photographer has captured off the streets. A lot of people have been sharing this all over the world with interest, so we thought of sharing them with you. You can rank your favorites by upvoting them on the list and please do share your thoughts with us in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Jonathan Higbee | Facebook | Instagram


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