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This Artist Transforms Walls Into Murals With His Art

The urban parts of the world are now being converted into seas of man-made structures. These buildings, sky scapers cover the cityscape and the view around you if you find yourself in a city. But you can only marvel so much at these structures before they feel mundane. Everything will look the same and everything will look artificial.

But there is an amazing artist who will transform these mundane spaces of cities into amazing pieces of art. He is known all over the world as Seth Globepainter. This artist from France is given this name because his art prevails all over the world since the 1990s. His art fills a huge void that has been there in these cities.

He usually selects huge walls and exteriors of buildings to do his art on. These huge scaled murals are seen over a large area and they are vibrant. These murals mostly consist of subjects that are children or things related to a child’s mind. A child is the purest and the most vibrant stage of a human and these murals all over the world radiate its beauty.

The main difference between other graffiti/murals of other artists and Seth is mainly the size of the creation. Most of the time, Seth prefers to do huge works of art that can be seen blocks away from it.

You will find his art in Italy, Canada, China, New Zealand, and more other places in this world. Therefore, we listed down some of Seth’s amazing work for you below this article. Scroll down to check them out and let us know what you think about them in the comments sections as well. Upvote your favorites to the top while giving this artist a visit through the links mentioned below.

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