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This Artist Transforms Walls Into Murals All Over The World

If you consider art to be a form of magic, you are not entirely wrong. Art has the ability to turn the most random and unexpected places into amazing pieces of art. No matter what the art form is, creativity and sound technical skill can make any person into a magician.

This article brings you yet another set of cool art from an international artist who sprinkles his magic all over the world. He is known as Seth Globepainter on the internet for this awesome work. His superpower is the ability to turn walls into very artistic pieces of murals. Using amazing technical application and using the perspectives of the placement as an advantage, these murals bring up an artistic atmosphere no matter where they at.

Seth’s artwork is seen all over the world. Canada, New Zealand, Italy and all over the world. Rather than letting walls and building be same old boring structures, this artist adds life to them. He does a lot of art that invoves children in it, since children are the best versions of us humans, these pieces of art brings our hearts beautiful emotions.

Seth usually takes up a lot of space on huge walls to create murals that you can clearly see two blocks away from. these pictures will steal your heart away in seconds. Take a look at these pictures to marvel at the talent of this artist. You will see that these murals are worth a visit after you scroll down on the list below. Follow Seth on social media and on his website to keep track of his work, if you a close by, do pay a visit! Let us know what you think in the comments sections below.

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