"What Happened to People Who Were Banned From Somewhere For Life?" (30 Responses)

Because it is their property, a business with a physical location where people can enter is within their rights to establish their own rules that do not contradict federal laws. They can, for example, bar certain people from entering if they suspect they are a shoplifter or a troublemaker, but not because of their race or gender.

When Reddit user PsycheAsHell asked “People Who’ve Been Banned From Somewhere for Life, What Happened?” it turned out that getting banned from places is a real thing that happens in real life, not just in movies, and people had some interesting stories to share.

Which stories made you laugh the most? Have you ever been barred from entering a building? What did you do to deserve this kind of punishment? Please share your experiences in the comments!

#4 In the bookstore, I sold a book to a random customer.

In college, I attempted to sell some books back to the local college book store. After hearing the buyback value, the guy behind me said he'd pay $20 more for my books (he'd be taking the same course the following semester, and the store's markup would be 100%). The bookstore owner threatened me with a lifetime ban if I sold to this other guy. I told him that money makes the world go round and handed him my extra twenty dollars.

#5 I was banned from a John Lewis store for browsing items.

I was barred from browsing items in a John Lewis (a kind of upscale retail gaff in the UK). This was also pre-covid. The guard came up to me and told me to leave because I was "just picking stuff up and putting it back" like no s**t sherlock that's how browsing in a physical store works. So I'm no longer allowed to shop at John Lewis.

#6 A prison employee was expelled from that facility for seeking therapy.

The prison where I used to work. I had tried several times to receive therapy to treat PTSD I had acquired while working the job, but was unable to do so due to HR taking their vacation, and the administrative assistant warden told me, quite literally, "officers don't need therapy, and if they do, they aren't cut out to be officers," and refused to assist me in finding help. They attempted to place me on "indefinite administrative leave" after discovering (somehow) that I had sought therapy on my own, citing "officer has conducted themselves in a manner unfitting their position." So... yeah. I sued and resigned, and they barred me for life... from their prison. Okay.

#7 Planet Fitness has barred me from canceling my membership.

Fitness Planet I tried to cancel my contract with them (this was the $10 plan that said I could cancel at any time), and they said I had to pay $150 to cancel for god knows what reason. I called my bank and told them not to withdraw money from my account because they had my checking account information. My bank stated that they have had multiple incidents with Planet Fitness regarding their unusual financial practices. Two months later, I received a letter from Planet Fitness stating that I would never be able to sign up with them again. Planet Fitness is a point-of-sale company.

#14 called out a pizza place for lying about making handcrafted pizzas.

To increase business, a roller rink in town advertised on social media that they were offering a deal on handmade pizzas and a pitcher of soda. The photo clearly showed a digiorno pizza, so I commented that it was. My comment was removed, and I returned to say, "you removed my comment stating that this is a digiorno pizza." Stakeland is the last place I'd ever wanted to visit.

#18 Is barred from leaving comments on a self-proclaimed movie star’s Facebook page.

Banned from leaving comments on a self-proclaimed movie star's Facebook page. He's basically a movie critic these days and has only made one terrible film, but he thinks he's a big deal. In response to one of his bragging posts, I posted a photo of him in which I photoshopped his face onto a street vendor selling bananas. In less than an hour, I was banned.

#20 was barred from Best Buy for attempting to steal a Fitbit.

It wasn't me, but an ex. He entered a Best Buy to look at Fitbits. He took one, hid it, and walked into the restroom to steal it. He had no idea that a Best Buy employee was in the restroom and had overheard him opening the package. He walked out of the stall, Fitbit on his wrist, and confronted the employee. He was charged and spent the night in jail. He was almost certainly barred after that.


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