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When guys try to parody women's photos and the end result outperforms the original

If imitation is the highest form of flattery, these men adore women. Or they are parody experts; we haven’t decided yet. In any case, we’ve compiled a list of funny men recreating trendy Instagram photos that every girl needs to have and post.

Do you remember the famous wet-hair-flip Instagram photos? It’s attractive when a pretty long-haired babe does it, but what about a regular guy flipping his wet Viking-like beard? When you see it from a different angle, it makes you reconsider your photo pose choices. And while colorful toes in sandals may look great in a girly Instagram profile, when dudes try to recreate it, it becomes the best parody example ever. And no matter which photo these men choose to reproduce, the results are as amusing as you would expect.

Scroll down for some amusing images of lighthearted mockery and impersonations performed by men with a great sense of humor!