Wholesome Kitty Photos That Will Surely Melt Your Heart

People have had a special bond with animals from the earlier stages of human civilization. Although they were domesticated to help with daily life at first, people started to have domesticated animals at their homes as pets.

Among these domesticated animals, one of the most commonly found type of pet is the cat. Being treated god-like in the Egyptian civilization, cats have always found their way to be comfortable around people. With the arrival of the internet, people got the ability to share almost anything online with the rest of the world. Just like how entertainment and memes are mainstream things on the internet, sharing photos and stories about cats are also a thing.

Just like owning a pet cat at home, viewing, reading, and watching these posts will create happiness and positivity in your mind. This is a known fact that pets reduce stress levels significantly.

These wonderful animals become stress relievers, companions, and sometimes, even considered as children by people. They share a very affectionate relationship and people with pets tend to develop empathy, sharing, and a bunch of positive attributes in themselves.

So we decided to bring you a collection of some adorable posts shared on the internet by people about cats. These photos of cats from all over the world will surely melt your heart. Without further ado, scroll down to check them out. You can upvote your favorites to the top and comment on what you think about them as well.


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