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Winners With Their Eye-Catching Photos For The 2021 iPhone Photography Awards

The art of photography has been very easy and accessible since the invention of the smartphone. Gone are the days when you had to purchase a professional camera with its accessories, manually adjust the settings, and then capture the photo. Now it is just a tap on the screen to get high-quality images in no time.

But still, there are settings if you wish to manually adjust and the artistry in capturing a proper photo. Testing iPhone skills, the iPhone Photography Awards is a global competition that tests the talents and skills of iPhone owners on their photography skills. Based on a handful of genres, they collect submissions and declare the winners at the end of their competition.

Smart phone photography has emerged as a popular trend as the mobile phone companies keep on producing more and more models of phones with better quality and performing cameras. This gives people to express themselves and showcase their artistry. If it was not for smartphones, people would have to invest a considerable amount of money into buying separate cameras and other equipment to do professional photography

This competition was held in 2021 for the 14th consecutive year and they have announced their winning photographs with their categories. They are a set of amazing photographs to be taken by an iPhone. They are the favorites of many people who dropped in to spectate the competition and these pictures have been shared all over the world.

So, for the photography enthusiasts, here are the winners of the iPhone Photography Awards for the year of 2021 below. Maybe you are not too late to give in to your passion for photography using your phone. Scroll down to check them out and comment down your thoughts about them.

More info & Photo courtesy: iPhone Photography Awards | Instagram | Facebook


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