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This Is How These Stars Would Look Without Plastic Surgery

Aging is something that is inevitable, it is a normal process of life that every one of us has to face eventually. But it hits different if you are a celebrity or someone who is very concerned about your looks.

Of course, your skin will wrinkle and your entire body will age. That is life, but if it really affects your mental sanity and causes you trouble, the modern medical procedure of plastic surgery will definitely help you. Plastic surgery usually does skin grafting or placing implants to make yourself and your appearance the way you want it to be. This is a very common thing among celebrities whose appearance is also a part of their job. So, there is nothing bad in their account or anyone’s account in wanting to make themselves look more appealing in the way that they wish.

So, listed below is a set of photos where celebrities who have got plastic surgeries. One amazing digital artist Hidrėlėy is the artist behind them. Using modern AI software, older pictures of these celebrities were rendered to create older versions of themselves without plastic surgery. This allows us to see how these celebrities would look in the present day without their procedures.

Even though you have a right to do what you want with your body, it is your responsibility to put yourself in the hands of reliable professionals. If you scroll down, you might see some bad choices made by some of these celebrities mentioned below.

You can scroll down to check them out and give your own ideas about these examples and simulations, created by AI. Make sure to check out more of Hidrėlėy work by clicking on the link.

More info & Photo courtesy: Hidrėlėy 


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