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Women Color Their Hair Gray And They Look Just Amazing

A lot of people take care of their appearances really well. Since hair, is a very visual part of one’s appearance and identity, people are very considerate about it. A lot of people style it, color it, and do all sorts of fashionable adjustments to it.

While doing all of this everyone is on alert for their hair’s health, the volume, length, and especially if the hair starts to become gray. This is a nightmare for a lot of people in the world, and they take extreme care to keep the hair from not turning gray. But this article is about the latest trend that invites gray hair.

As weird as it sounds, it is true. You must be wondering, how would hair turning gray would be something fashionable. It is why people dye their hair, to retain the natural color of the skin. But hair colorist Jack Martin disagrees. He explains that gray is such a dynamic color on the entire color palette. Without dying out the gray hair every now and then, Martin colors his clients’ hair in shades of Gray. The entire hair colored with gray color is just amazing. He does not usually do it with a single tone of gray unless the client demands of course. 

The lighter to darker tones of gray he colors his client’s hair with look very attractive, more than the hair they had naturally. This gives his clients worry-free hair which is very attractive at the same time. The women who wear this all-gray hair look much fashionable, younger, and elegant than ever before. 

So, if you are worried about dying your hair all the time. Take a gander, you might be surprised how good it looks on your hair. We have collected some pictures that Martin has posted online. He has a lot of his work posted on his website, Facebook, and on Instagram which you can find in the links below. You can upvote the favorite look of gray hair on this list while commenting down your thoughts as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: Jack Martin | Instagram | Facebook


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