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You Might Want One Of These Colorful Embroidery Tattoos

The art of tattooing is expanding at a very high rate where it discovers and develops in almost every aspect of it. Coming out of the ‘taboo’ label to an accepted form of art and fashion, it takes more fashionable looks in nature.

This is one of those amazing styles/niches that the art of tattooing has made into. Just like other forms of art, this specific style is developed by being inspired by an element in our daily lives. Mexico-based artist Fernanda Álvarez is famously known for her special style of tattooing, she skilfully gifts ‘Embroidery’ tattoos for her clients.

Just like the stitching style of ’embroidery’, these tattoos deliver a 3D effect of the stitching pattern on the skin. The texture of the embroidery and each thread is shown in her tattoos in a very realistic style. If you believe enough, it is not hard to see these tattoos as real-life embroideries done on the clients’ skin.

She likes to mix up this style of tattooing with a bit of her cultural heritage. Being a Mexican, she has inherited a very beautiful heritage in art and culture that she likes to bring on to her designs. One of her favorites and famous designs are the floral designs, especially the skull designs which are found in the Mexican embroidery style of Tenango.

With extreme care for every single detail in her tattoo, this amazing tattoo artist gifts each client with a tattoo that they will treasure for the rest of their lives. This is the kind of tattoo which everybody will look at with great interest. Her work has been admired and responded to, positively on the internet.

Here are some of her amazing and colorful work. If you are a tattoo collector, you might want to get one of these ’embroidery’ tattoos on you after you see them. Upvote your favorites to the top and comment what you think about these in the comments sections.

More info & Photo courtesy: Fernanda Álvarez


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