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You Might Want To Have One After Seeing These Norse-Style Tattoos

There is a lot of discussion about tattoos in modern society. The art of creating aesthetic markings permanently on our bodies has become a popular and fashionable trend in the world. Even though a lot of people are enthusiastic about getting tattoos, little do they know that the art of tattooing has a wide range of styles and varieties. When we consider the design style a large number of styles are currently at play.

In this article, we will bring some of the ‘Norse’ or commonly known as ‘Viking’ styled tattoos. In the old times where tattooing was not introduced to society, Vikings who resided in the Scandinavian countries had the common practice of tattooing themselves with elements of the Norse mythology  They were mostly religious to them than being an element of fashion.

Most of these tattoos resemble a God, a divine weapon, or an element that they believe will back them up spiritually. The modern tattoo culture has embedded itself with these elements and has made the modern ‘Norse/Viking’ tattoo style.

Rather than the old needle and stick application, modern tattooing machines can help the artist to do elaborate designs, shading, proper lines, and so on. So, modern Viking tattoos have taken an aesthetic nature rather than being a religious or a cultural thing. Since this style goes hand in hand with the Vikings, the bearers of these tattoos are seen as ‘badass’ people as well.

Although the old generations had their ways of selecting tattoos to match their characters and lives, most modern Viking tattoos are treated just like the other designs. So, we have decided to collect some of the modern Viking/Norse tattoos for you to check out. Scroll down to view the list and upvote your favorite design to the top. Add a bit of comment and information you know about these tattoos in the comments sections!


Written by Alex Bradley

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