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You Should Not Miss These Amazing Mirror-Glazed Cakes That Looks Like Polished Surfaces

This is for all the foodies out there. Throughout the time for centuries, cakes have managed to be one of the most popular types of desserts in the entire world. So, for everyone with a sweet tooth, here is a collection of yummy and incredibly beautiful set of cakes for you.

Meet Olga Noskova a very creative and talented artist from Russia. Her form of art is cake. Even though Cake is being produced almost everywhere in the world in all sorts of different ways, this is a very eye-catching dessert that Noskova makes.

The specialty of her cakes is because of her topping. With her topping on the cake, it looks as if it is made out of polished marble or glass. The glaze layer is so smooth and perfectly laid that it can reflect you if you stare into the cake. She makes this glaze to be different from other cake makers. And she actually is totally different and highlighted for her glazing done on the cakes.

She posts pictures of her cakes on the Instagram account where a lot of people from different countries follow her to view and share the news of her amazing cake. Cooking is an art where it should be edible, tasty, nutritious, and also to be aesthetically pleasing as well. Noskova has proved to the world that she can handle these multiple guidelines and also finish it off with style. This is what makes culinary art so special, you can tweak it in ways that will make your dish to be totally different from others and that will become your signature.

You can visit her on Instagram to view more photos of her work and so to be up to date on her dessert making. We have collected some of her photos of her cakes for you. You can scroll down the list and upvote your favorite cakes to the top of it. We also look forward to receiving your ideas and thoughts in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Olga Noskova


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