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You Should See These Amazingly Hand-Crafted Miniature-Places

Have you played with dollhouses when you were a child? Did you remember how amazed you were when you discovered that those dollhouses had small tables and chairs inside them? It was so amazing to live that experience.

This Diorama artist who is from Taiwan gives you the same sort of experience with his realistic form of miniature places. When you hear the word ‘miniature’, you will definitely think that it is a set of human figures, or houses, or anything specific. But this artist creates entire locations when he does. Meet Hank Cheng, the artist behind these wonderful creations. He handcrafts these ‘locations’ which are ridiculously detailed are just amazing to look at.

He has the house, the garden, vehicles, food, interior, the clutter, the moss, and every single detail covered to make his creations super realistic. This was an idea he got when he wanted to recreate a Japanese restaurant that he used to visit and from that day onwards, his passion drove him to be a full-time miniature sculptor.

This artist is so talented that he handcrafts every single miniature item that is on his ‘diorama’.He creates every miniature element you can possibly think of, miniature bottles, cans, and even light bulbs in their own boxes! There is almost nothing Cheng cannot create.

We got you some photos of his creations that he has posted online. His work has grabbed the attention of a lot of people all around the world. You can scroll down to view them below. Please proceed to the links mentioned below to check more of his amazing work. Please share your ideas with us in the comments sections.

More info & Photo courtesy: Hank Cheng | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


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