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You Should See These Coin Art That Challenges The Gravity

Gravity is the force that keeps everything pulled to the surface of this planet. That is the reason why everything that doesn’t have balance or support falls down. Anything that stands up off the surface has to have support and proper balance to do it.

This article is about an artist whose art challenges the usual view of gravity. It is not a trick, magic, or sorcery. This is the proper execution of a planned structure. Meet the artist behind the art, @thumb_tani a Twitter user from Japan. He uses a specific kind of building block to create his art; coins.

Circular and flat, the coins have a disc-like structure to them and it is tricky to create artistic structures with them that hoists up from the surface. In addition to that, this artist usually balances these structures over surfaces and things that are not supposed to give them balance.

Internet users have gone crazy over these structures which have never been made before. You might feel to reach out into the screen and grab the structures. His social media accounts are visited by a lot of people on the internet and have been shared all over the world. We have listed down a collection of photos of @thumb_tani for you. Scroll down and let us know what you think about this set of structures in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: @thumb_tani | YouTube


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