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You Should See These Majestic Dragons Of This Artist

Everybody is fascinated by the idea of ‘Dragons’. A set of mythical creatures that humans have never seen. There are claims documented in history, claiming that these animals have existed, but we could never confirm the fact.

However, an artist has created dragons! Well, not literally dragons. But figures of dragons who are classified as “wyverns”. They are four-legged dragons who have their front limbs transforming into their wings. James Doran who is based in the Philippines is a driftwood artist. He collects the driftwood from the locals and off dead trees to create more awareness of the environment.

He has created two dragon figures that are huge and full of amazing detail. He has placed both in natural positions with huge metal frames. For one of these driftwood figures, they had to resize the studio, it was that big! It was on a dead tree as if it is perched in a stance of a predator observing the surrounding. The other was placed outside on a gazebo, this figure weighs around four tons!

These are amazing creations by this talented artist, Doran. He creates a lot of sculptures that are built based on driftwood and other natural elements. Since they have been uploaded to the internet, a lot of people took interest in them with a lot of positive comments to the artist.

So we decided to list down some photos of these majestic creations of this artist. Scroll down to check it out. Share what you think about these dragons, with us in the comments sections.

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