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You Should See These Photos Of Some Amazing Thunderstorms

Photography is one of the most amazing forms of art practiced in the world today. You get to capture some of the world’s rare scenes that people do not get to see very often. This has been developing at a high rate as technology and photography skills are surging.

In the niches of photography, wildlife and Nature tends to stand up from the crowd since a lot of people are interested in these two. The world is far and wide, filled with some of the most awesome things that people have ever seen and still, there are more things to discover every single day. This photographer from Chilie too is one of those photographers to explore Nature’s most amazing paths. Meet Francisco Negroni who is known for his amazing photos of volcano eruptions with crazy storms.

A couple of his photos went viral while the rest of his work is not very far behind. This person loves volcanoes and thunderstorms. These things together create one of the most visual and rough furies of Nature.

He explains to My Modern Met that he uses various techniques and settings to capture different types of scenarios. The eruption of lava from a volcano, fast-moving winds of a storm or even striking of lightning bolts from the sky, each scenario calls for different techniques as to how the photographer wants it to be documented.

We have listed some of his most amazing photos for you as he travels across Chile to capture more amazing sights. Scroll down and check out these rough thunderstorms and volcanoes, captured in a very artistic manner. Share your thoughts with us in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Francisco Negroni | Facebook | Instagram


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