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You Shouldn't Miss How This Pastry Chef Handles Chocolate Like A True Artist

Everybody loves chocolate, we can keep on munching down until we get dizzy. Chocolate is a general topic that anyone can unite under, without any objection. So, we thought about shining the light on a special pastry chef Amaury Guichon with an astonishing talent. He is a true artist and his medium is chocolate. 

Yes, you may have seen people create figures and shapes out of chocolate before. But Guichon is special since he is world famous for his complex sculpturing of chocolate with a huge amount of sensitive details on his artwork. 

This amazing chef is based in Las Vegas. He uses all sorts of chocolate to create all sorts of incredible artwork. Spending hours and days on his chocolate art work. As for colors, if it is not a shade of chocolate, he sprays edible color in a very creative manner. It is not only edible, Guichon‘s art is so good that you may refuse to eat it by breaking his art.

Since his art is known all over the world, he has his own masterclasses going on at The Pastry Academy which is also his official website. you can visit the website to know more about him, his achievements and the establishments he is working for. Apart from the people who have tasted and witnessed his work in the hospitality industry, he gained a lot of attention from his Instagram account where he posts of his creations all the time.

This pastry-chef is known to use chocolate as clay, to sculpt his artwork in a very smooth and precise manner. With tens of thousands of people appreciating his work from all around the globe. We thought of bringing you a collection of his skilled creations for you to see. Scroll down to check some of Guichon‘s edible art listed below. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments sections below as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: The Pastry Academy | Instagram


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