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You Shouldn't Miss These Celebrities Posing Next To Their Amazing Roles

Celebrities have been a huge influence in every person’s life. We all had our favorite character back in the day. Even though the celebrities grew up, the characters they played never grew up in our hearts.

Today, we will be bringing you some comparison photos of some actors with a character they played that they are known for. Yes, it is impossible for the same person to be in two places in the same photo and no, they are not collages. The talented Photoshop editor Ard Gelinck displays his skills in this collection of photos where he amazingly edits the characters with their respective actor in the same photo together as if they are two people.

In this collection, you will find world-renowned actors and actresses. You might even find out that some of the modern singers were actors as well. This very skillful Dutch Photoshop manipulator shows off his skills by creating this edit an interactive one where most of the time, the actor and the character interact with one another and these edits are flawless.

If you are a movie fan back in the 90s and 2000s you will definitely identify them. But they are in movies still. Scroll down and check them out. You might recognize them still, maybe their characters might ring a bell. This cleverly edited collection reached very high levels of appreciation on the internet when Gelinck uploaded them on social media.

You can rank these pictures of your favorites by upvoting them in the list. Let’s appreciate this artist’s talent and skill. Comment down your ideas about this collection and visit the links for more details.

More info & Photo courtesy: Ard Gelinck | Twitter


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