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You Will Be Amazed By These Hand Drawn Smoky Silhouettes

Art can be of different forms. Drawings and paintings are the most popular form of art there is. So, this is about a very talented artist who draws smoky silhouette figures by hand and they look so realistic.

The artist who is behind this art is Willie Hsu who is very impressive in his work. This collection of art takes a horror or a thriller sort of nature to them. His mastery in the drawing is shown when his art looks as if the subject is behind a smoky or steamy glass. He uses shading to acquire the positioning he wants. Some might be seen as if the subject is reaching out to get you and the others would look as if the subject leans on a glass-like boundary.

He loves to watch horror and thriller movies as he explained to My Modern Met and he also used his art as a medium to exert his frustration during his hard times.

He likes to exaggerate the limbs of the subject in his drawing. His usual subjects are humans, dogs, frogs, and other animals whom he cleverly shades to get a 3D look into them. Even though he started as a way to vent out his feelings, soon he understood that he is good at this. So, Hsu kept on drawing what his heart tells him.

He posts the drawings on his Instagram account and his website where he has information about his career. So, if you want to have a wider search on Willie Hsu, you can visit his website. Before heading off, we would like to share some pictures that we have collected for you. Please scroll down to check them out and you can upvote your favorite drawings to the top of the list. Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Willie Hsu | Instagram


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