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You Will Love These Psychedelic Animal Tattoos On Skin

Tattoos are interesting designs made permanently on the skin as an art of fashion. This has come to a publicly accepted stage in society from an underground status a few decades back. With its arrival, it has developed at a very high rate in artistic values also in technology used in the trade.

This article addresses yet another style in Tattooing. It is designed and applied by Joanna Swirska, an amazing tattoo artist who is from Wroclaw. Her specialty and what she is famous for are ‘Psychadelic’ tattoos. They are not just Psychadelic tattoos, but she morphs these tattoos with animal designs into them.

She binds a very organic form of Psychadelic artform in her tattoo designing. The color blends with the elements involved in the design are perfectly executed to create very visual art. As for the subject matter, most mainstream psychedelic art forms include human figures as subjects whereas this artist; likes to incorporate animals in her art among general subject forms. Cats, Horses, Rabbits, and all sorts of animals are found in her designs which are applied using vivid color palettes. 

A lot of modern tattoo collectors go for very colorful and vivid designs like these. So, Swirska has been able to spread her name in the tattooing industry on social media adhering to these trends. A lot of people have shared her design and photos of completed tattoos all over the world and visit her whenever they visit the city. 

We have listed some photos of these psychedelic tattoos for you. You can scroll down to check them out and vote your favorites to the top of this list. Do not forget to share your thoughts and ideas about them in the comments sections.

More info & Photo courtesy: Joanna Swirska


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