You Will Never Believe That This Evil Looking Wrinkly Cat Is Actually A Sweetheart (29 Photos)

Hello everybody, here we present to you the nominated ‘World’s scariest cat’, Xherdan. This is a Canadian sphynx who is almost 7 years old now. Inside this naked and wrinkled skin is a heart of gold. Xherdan has won a lot of hearts on the internet for his very unique look accompanied with his death scare in his ice cold eyes.

The owner of this cat, Sandra Filippi said to Bored Panda that when she met him it zinged as if it was love at first sight. After they met, they have been spending very happy lives together. Even though this cat is considered evil by the people who just look at his pictures, he is said to be a very adorable pet. He likes to do things that every pet does, eat, play, nap and Xherdan also loves to watch birds.

The reason that these types of cats are considered evil and ferocious is that people are not used to seeing Sphynx cats much. Their numbers are dwindling and Filippi urges people who own Sphynx cats to keep them in close proximity to make them repopulate their numbers. Filippi owns two other Sphynx cats herself. 

Once Xherdan’s pictures started getting uploaded, a lot of people focused their attention because not many people knew this breed existed. Despite being ‘Naked’ with no fur on, people usually make fun of its looks and the absence of fur. All jokes aside, A Sphynx is the best option if you are allergic to fur and do not want fur to be on EVERYTHING. Xherdan’s hooman mom explains that he is a very adorable and cuddly pet that loves to keep her accompanied.

Scroll down to check out a collection of photos of this adorable cat and visit his Instagram account to show some love. Also feel free to share your comments about Xherdan or if you are also a proud owner of a Sphynx cat!

More info & Photo courtesy: xherdanthenakedcat


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