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You Won’t Eat These Delicious Pies Because They Are Too Pretty (17 Photos)

Do you like pies? They are sweet and delicious. You can play around with the ingredients, different fruits and get different sorts of pies. Even though you have tasted enough pies, check out if you have come across pretty pies like the ones that we have listed below.

Liz Joy is the creator of these beautiful pies. As a girl who was always amazed and inspired by fairy tales and magical stories, Joy let her imagination run wild when it came to her creations. She loves to bake food. Using her talent of baking, she tells her stories of fairy tales and other fictional pop stories.

The top of the pie becomes her canvas in art as she decorates and illustrates the pie. She has been doing a lot of colorful and illustrative work and has been posting them on her social media profiles and her website. As she tells Bored Panda about her art, she explains that she wants people to experiment with edible art which does not only visually please the people but also something that will narrate a story.

Other than pies, she bakes cookies, doughnuts and cakes as well. She mostly bakes for her father. That is how she started to do the edible illustrations, to recall the memories of her father narrating the stories to her as a child. Now, her work is loved by a lot of people on the internet and she now has created it into a business that does really well.

Joy has a lot of things going on as a small business owner, so we have decided to list down some of her yummiest and prettiest pies down for you. You can upvote your favorites to the top while you scroll through them. Checkout her social media accounts and her website for more of her work. Also, do not forget to share your thoughts and ideas with us.

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